The Ney Neva workshop has been successfully making professional 
quality Neys since 2005.

 Ney Players all over the world choose Ney Neva when purchasing Neys 
and use them in their records and concerts.

 Our workshop is located in Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey. The Neys 
are hand made by our team here, then sent to customers worldwide. 
All tunes and types of Neys are available.

 For further information or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
 It gives us great pleasure to receive feedback from our customers, 
as their satisfaction is our number one priority.

 All Neys purchased from us is under our workshop warranty.

 Our goal is not only to help start you on your life long journey 
with your Ney but also to brighten up our journey with the valuable
friendships we make on the way.

 Thank you for choosing Ney Neva. 

NEY NEVÂ Ney Workshop

Ney Purchase

How can you order a professional Turkish Ney?

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Ney order


Ney Instrument

Types of Nay, Story Of Nay, Care and Protection, Reed, Ney Coureses, Quality and guaranty, Referances...

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That is an item which is lathed with different diameters and put upper part of the Nay to get clear sound..

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Ney Case - Hard Case

Ney case

Types of Hard and sorf cases for ney...

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