We have been making ney since 2005, which a uniq instrument of Turkish classical and mystical music. Since then, we thank to all (neyzens) ney players and musicians who helpt us to reach excellance with their criticisms and successions. With these sense we suppliance our effort to bring goodness and beauties...

Best Regards Rıfat VAROL

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History of Ney, Types, care and oil, all details >>


Mouthpiece of ney, bone (horn), wooden, and mixed types details >>


Elegant and quality bags that you can carry your neys in a healthy and sheltered way >>


In our workshop; Ney lessons are being made for what beginners are and what they have for those who love it. Our courses are held in groups of two hours a week. The notes, solfege and repertoire are given together during the semester. You can contact us to join our lessons and learn more about the peace and happiness of our students and the sharing of sincere information between our teachers and students.


Serkut Efe hocamızın dersleri her cumartesi günü 17.00 - 19.00 saatleri arasında atölyemizde yapılmaktadır.


Başar DİKİCİ hocamızın dersleri her Pazartesi günü 17.00 - 19.00 saatleri arasında atölyemizde yapılmaktadır.

Choose what you want to order. Ney is the first time you will start to blow; You can choose KIZ NEY because it is of medium size and is widely preferred as a common tuning in ney courses.
The prices of our neys vary according to the differences between the reed cane and the başpare. The only difference between the qualities is that the canes are medium to large in width. The first knot diameters of grade A items are between 24-27 mm on average for kiz ney. Medium quality ney's diameter is between 22-24 mm.
The rear curtains of the neys are opened to the left or to the right, depending on what holds the neyins. In this way, what is kept more comfortable. If you do not know which hand you keep on top while you are blowing, hold something like what you like in your hand like a blower. Your consciousness will direct you toward what is right, left, and right. Remembering your grip position when you play the flute can also help you.

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